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Jessica, Personal Trainer

"Working with Melissa helped me to push past those negative thoughts that consumed me each day.  I was able to work through the negative self talk and my personal training business is now flourishing.  It's amazing that just making some small changes to your mindset and working on your procrastination can truly move you forward in life. I feel more empowered and able to look at problems in such a different way now."

Andy, IT Director

"Melissa has been working with me for a couple of months now, and I have experienced a very eventful year, not only in my position at my current company, but also in my personal life as well.  I enjoyed my position at my job, but was looking to elevate myself.  I found the techniques and guidance Melissa provided was extremely helpful, especially in times when I wanted to give up.  It feels great to have someone on your team while you are moving towards your goals.  Thank you Melissa!"

Heather, Accountant

"I was completely lost and felt my focus gone due to some trauma in my family.  I worked with Melissa and was able to change my career and resolve the many issues that were going on personally.  I am so happy that I had Melissa work with me to get me back on track.  It makes a big difference when you have someone helping you to get in the right mindset in order to overcome the roadblocks that we seem to feel we are unable to get past.  Melissa gave me direction and coping methods and I am so happy to say that I'm happy in my new career, and I'm back at the gym and playing volleyball again! Thanks Melissa for everything!"

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