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Peace of Mind

Monthly Package Includes:

(Coach in your Inbox)

  • Discussions over email that will help with; stress management, anxiety, worry, and fear

  • Working on a plan together to gain stability in your life for the present and the future


Monthly Package Includes:

(Four - 30 minute calls a month)


You will discover ways to; 

  • Adapt to this ever changing environment

  • Apply healthy coping methods for stress management, fear and anxiety

  • Work on a plan for a healthy financial future

Building Resilience

Monthly Package Includes: 

(Four - 1 hour video or audio session with unlimited texting in between sessions)

We will work together to develop a customized strategy with a tailored solution to get you on the path to taking back control of your life despite the circumstances you are facing.  

  • Learn techniques to deal with stress management, fear and anxiety

  • Put together a plan for gaining more stability in your life for the present and the future

  • Insight, strategies and perspective on your current challenges

Let's Work Together to

Regain Control and Create Stability in Your Life