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Single Coaching Session

Package Includes:

* Single Session (Video or Audio - 60 minutes)

*  Insight, Strategies, and Perspective on your current challenges 

3 Month Mindset Coaching Sessions

Together we will develop a customized strategy with a tailored solution to get you on the path to healing.  


Discovering ways to; 

  • Master your emotions 

  • Apply healthy coping methods

  • Define and use your strengths

  • Identify your passion and purpose

This option is recommended, as overcoming trauma, restoring self-esteem, and being able to change our mindset and habits can take time.  The client will also have support 24/7 throughout the 3 months of their sessions, which will keep the client on track to healing.  

Package Includes:

* 12 Coaching Sessions (Video or Audio - 60 minutes each session)

*  Weekly tasks to strengthen the healing process

* Unlimited access to me in between sessions (available 24/7 through email or text messaging) 

* Access to documentation from the Coach (templates and other items that will help you in your journey to working on your mindset)

A Coach in Your Inbox

-- Coaching on your Schedule -- 


Strategies and Insight on overcoming trauma, anxiety, worry, fear, and other challenges both personally and professionally. 


Response back to emails within 24 hours

~ Let's Work Together on Your Path to Healing ~